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Potter-Brumfield Relays
H.S. Number: 8536.49.01

Electrica and EMB(Embraco) Relays

GE Relays
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Klixon Relays

Fan & Switching Relays

Potter-Brumfield Relays below
Potter-Brumfield Relay Drawing
Part Number Price
PRD3AYO-24V $30.00
24V, SPST-Normally Open,
12 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD3AYO-120V $30.00
120V, SPST-Normally Open,
290 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD3AYO-240V $30.00
240V, SPST-Normally Open,
1200 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD5AYO-24V $35.00
24V, SPDT,
12 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD5AYO-120V $35.00
120V, SPDT,
290 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD5AYO-240V $51.50
240V, SPDT,
1200 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD7AYO-24V $37.50
24V, DPST-Normally Open,
12 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD7AYO-120V $54.35
120V, DPST-Normally Open,
290 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD7AYO-240V $37.50
240V, DPST-Normally Open,
1200 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD11AYO-24V $47.50
24V, DPDT,
12 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD11AYO-120V $56.50
120V, DPDT,
290 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRD11AYO-240V $47.50
240V, DPDT,
1200 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRDA11AYA-24V $50.00 Call for availability 24V, DPDT w/SPDTaux,
12 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRDA11AYA-120V $50.00
120V, DPDT w/SPDTaux,
290 Ohms, 9.8VA
PRDA11AYA-240V $50.00
240V, DPDT w/SPDTaux,
1200 Ohms, 9.8VA