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Kohler Brushes
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Figure 4 Drawing      Figure 4VSR Drawing         Figure 231SR Drawing
Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes
0.187" 0.500" 0.625" Gray E 2.375" insulated U-0.210" Figure 4
$               carbon brush
238633 $32.50
0.250" 0.500" 0.750 Gray E,
2.500" insulated QF-0.250" Figure 231SR, 17.5/0 bevel, Slip ring
239282 $8.49
0.250" 0.500" 0.750" Black E 2.500" insulated O-0.140" Figure 231SR, 17.5/0 bevel, Slip ring
278411 $12.50
0.250" 0.500" 0.750" Black E 2.500" insulated
15.50" insulated
Two 239282 brushes and Two insulated 15.5"
jumpers with one O-0.140" terminal and one QF-0.250".
0.375" 0.875" 1.000" Copper M 2.500" insulated O-0.248" Figure 63, 30/21 bevels
0.375" 0.750" 1.125" Gray E 3.000" insulated U-0.258" Figure 4VSR, 0/20 bevels

Kohler Brushes
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Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes
$               carbon brush, K660-3393, K660-3395, K662-3311, K662-3319,
K662-4516A, K660-33142, K660-33154, K660-33156, K662-33280,
K662-33209, K662-33276, K662-33253, K662-33335, K662-3327,
K662-33306, K662-33338, K662-33340, K662-33318, K662-33358,
K662-33373, K662-33376, K662-33388, K662-33418, K662-33429,
K662-33465, K662-33494, K662-3912, K662-3921, K662-3922, K662-3926,
K662-3927, K662-3930, K662-3931, K662-3938, K662-3939, K662-3944,
K662-33360, K662-3920, K662-3933, K662-3935, K662-3908, K662-33270,
K662-3957, K660-33110, K660-33121, K660-33134, K660-33153,
K660-33169, K660-3390, K660-3399, K662-3305, K662-33210, K662-3950,
K662-33299, K662-3914, K662-3934, K660-33191, K660-3383, K662-3304,
K662-3348, K662-33282, K662-3371, K662-3962, K660-33106, K662-33208,
K662-33264, K662-3947, K662-3948, K662-3959, K662-3960, K662-33423,
K662-33421, K662-33230, K662-33275, K662-33321, K662-33412,
K662-33469, K662-33487, K662-33497, K662-3932, K662-3970, K662-33398,
K662-33294, K662-33351, K662-33371, K662-33379, K662-33408,
K662-33455, K662-33472, K662-33478, K662-33479, K662-33492, K662-3955
272376 $               carbon brush, K662-33517, K662-3976, K662-33515, K662-33551,
K662-33552, K662-33522, K662-3980, K662-33554, K662-33569,
K662-33573, K662-3993, K662-33553, K662-39103, K662-3990,
K662-33505, K662-33547, K662-33549, K662-33550, K662-33521,
K662-33575, K662-33541, K662-33548, K662-33556, K662-33559,
K662-3398, K662-3981, K662-3985

Kohler Brushes
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Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes

Figure 2 Drawing
$           insluated D- K91-31559, K91-31734, K91-31891, K91-27199, K91-31199,
K91-31418, K91-31489, K91-31493, K91-31518, K91-31532, K91-31583,
K91-31292, K91-31673, K91-31715, K91-31800, K91-31801, K91-31813,
K91-31826, K91-31860, K91-31872, K91-31775, K91-31865, K91-31791,
K91-31973, K91-31990, K91-31238, K91-31416, K91-31423, K91-31523,
K161-281208, K161-28999, K161-281033, K161-281114, K161-28234,
K161-28353, K161-28365, K161-28407, K161-28415, K161-41117F,
K161-41131F, K161-4194F, K161-28444, K161-28455, K161-28516,
K161-28553, K161-28579, K161-28592, K161-28605, K161-28636,
K161-28663, K161-28666, K161-28695, K161-28696, K161-28705,
K161-28710, K161-28716, K161-28458, K161-28477, K161-28618,
K161-28623, K161-28659, K161-28466, K161-28467, K161-28482,
K161-28462, K161-28595, K161-28526, K161-28491, K161-28448,
K161-28472, K161-28567, K161-28602, K161-28610, K161-28882,
K161-281205, K161-28542, K161-28667, K161-28818, K161-281016,
K161-28644, K161-28802, K161-28819, K161-28866, K161-28870,
K161-28893, K161-28895, K161-28963, K161-281009, K161-281086,
K161-28718, K161-28737, K161-28757, K161-28761, K161-28772,
K161-28788, K161-28815, K161-28821, K161-28822, K161-28825,
K161-28826, K161-28906, K161-29793, K161-28635, K161-28858,
K161-28861, K161-28573, K161-28678, K161-28843, K161-4110F,
K161-4110G, K161-28522, K161-28697, K161-28720, K161-4101F,
K161-4101G, K161-4101H, K161-41111F, K161-41112G, K161-41112H,
K161-41130F, K161-41138E, K161-41138G, K161-41138H, K161-41148H,
K161-41150H, K161-41151H, K161-41153H, K161-41200F, K161-41200G,
K161-41200H, K161-41202F, K161-41202G, K161-41202H, K161-41204F,
K161-41204G, K161-41204H, K161-41205F, K161-41205G, K161-41205H,
K161-41207F, K161-41207G, K161-41207H, K161-41209F, K161-41212F,
K161-41212G, K161-41213F, K161-41213G, K161-41213H, K161-41217F,
K161-41217G, K161-41217H, K161-41218F, K161-41218G, K161-41218H,
K161-41222G, K161-41222H, K161-41224G, K161-41224H, K161-41232H,
K161-41233H, K161-41234H, K161-41235H, K161-41238H, K161-41241H,
K161-41242H, K161-41243H, K161-41250H, K161-41252H, K161-41253H,
K161-41256H, K161-4136E, K161-4136G, K161-4136H, K161-4164G,
K161-4164H, K161-4185E, K161-4185G, K161-4185H, K161-4191F,
K161-4191G, K161-4191H, K161-4198F, K161-4198G, K161-4198H,
K161-42304G, K161-42304H, K161-42307E, K161-42307G, K161-42307H,
K161-42308E, K161-42308F, K161-42308G, K161-42308H, K161-42309E,
K161-42309G, K161-42309H, K161-42310E, K161-42310G, K161-42310H,
K161-42311E, K161-42311G, K161-42311H, K161-42314E, K161-42314G,
K161-42314H, K161-42319E, K161-42319F, K161-42319G, K161-42319H,
K161-42322E, K161-42322F, K161-42322G, K161-42322H, K161-42325E,
K161-42325H, K161-42329E, K161-42329H, K161-42334E, K161-42334F,
K161-42334G, K161-42334H, K161-42335E, K161-42335F, K161-42335G,
K161-42335H, K161-42342E, K161-42342G, K161-42342H, K161-42347E,
K161-42347G, K161-42350F, K161-42350G, K161-42350H, K161-42351E,
K161-42351G, K161-42351H, K161-42352G, K161-42352H, K161-42353E,
K161-42353G, K161-42353H, K161-42355H, K161-42357E, K161-42357G,
K161-42357H, K161-42365E, K161-42368E, K161-42368G, K161-42368H,

Kohler Brushes
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Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes

Figure 65 Drawing
$               perhaps ~fig65 paired, K482-35124, K482-35153, K482-35173,
K482-35174, K482-35120, K482-35162, K482-35185, K482-35186,
K482-35195, K482-35244, K532-53132, K482-35159, K482-35166,
K482-35147, K482-35113, K482-35208, K532-53136, K532-53149,
K532-53123, K482-35240, K532-53100, K532-53102, K532-53138,
K482-35206, K482-35207, K482-35223, K532-53124, K532-53125,
K532-53177, K532-53178, K482-35213, K482-35216, K482-35221,
K482-35225, K482-35229, K482-35230, K532-53101, K532-53135,
K532-53152, K532-53173, K532-53181, K532-53103, K532-53113,
K482-35184, K482-35202, K482-35209,K482-35222, K532-53105,
K532-53115, K482-35234, K532-53114, K532-53141, K532-53169,
K532-53131, K532-53168, K482-35107, K482-35109, K482-35115,
K482-35119, K482-35125, K482-35128, K482-35129, K482-35139,
K482-35142, K482-35144, K482-35145, K482-35171, K482-35182,
K482-35198, K482-35199, K532-53139, K532-53154, K532-53120,
K532-53156, K482-35157, K532-53172, K482-35200, K482-35228,
K532-53104, K532-53186, K482-35214, K532-53146, K532-53176,
K482-35164, K482-35167, K482-90102B, K482-90109B, K482-90110B,
K482-90115B, K482-9017A, K482-9096B, K482-9097B
$               carbon brush, K662-33517, K662-3976, K662-33515, K662-33551,
K662-33552, K662-33270, K662-3957, K662-3950, K662-3962,
K662-3947, K662-3948, K662-3959, K662-3960, K662-33423,
K662-33230, K662-33275, K662-33321, K662-33412, K662-33469,
K662-33487, K662-33497, K662-3932, K662-3970, K662-33398,
K662-33294, K662-33351, K662-33371, K662-33379, K662-33408,
K662-33455, K662-33472, K662-33478, K662-33479, K662-33492,
K662-3955, K662-33502, K662-33506, K662-33507, K662-33508,
K662-33529, K662-33532, K662-3973, K662-33504, K662-33509,
K662-33511, K662-33513, K662-33514, K662-33516, K662-33510

Kohler Brushes
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Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes
   12 221 01-S
Copper M,
    1 paired with bolt, 1(2?) singles/ brush kit, CH14-1837, CH15-44550,
CH450-0013, CV12.5 1278, CV12.5-1257, CV12.5-1258, CV12.5-1264,
CV12.5-1270, CV12.5-1290, CV13-21502, CV13-21503, CV13-21509,
CV13-21512, CV13-21514, CV13-21516, CV13-21519, CV13-21521,
CV13-21525, CV13-21529, CV13-21531, CV13-21533, CV13-21535,
CV13-21536, CV14-14100, CV14-14101, CV14-14106, CV14-14107,
CV14-14108, CV14-14109, CV14-14110, CV14-14111, CV14-1463,
CV14-1482, CV14-1487, CV14-1499, CV15-41502, CV15-41503,
CV15-41514, CV15-41518, CV15-41519, CV15-41520, CV15-41522,
CV15-41523, CV15-41525, CV15-41526, CV15-41530, CV15-41531,
CV15-41535, CV15-41536, CV15-41539, CV15-41541, CV15-41544,
CV15-41545, CV15-41550, CV15-41551, CV15-41554, CV15-41555,
CV15-41558, CV15-41562, CV15-41564, CV15-41565, CV15-41566,
CV15-41567, CV15-41572, CV15-41574, CV15-41576, CV15-41577,
CV15-41578, CV15-41586, CV15-41587, CV15-41588, CV15-41589,
CV15-41590, CV15-41592, CV15-41593, CV15-41595, CV15-41596,
CV15-41597, CV15-41598, CV15-41599, CV15-41601, CV15-41602,
CV15-41603, CV15-41605, CV15-41611, CV15-41612, CV15-41613,
CV15-41614, CV15-41615, CV15-41616, CV15-41617, CV15-41618,
CV15-41618, CV15-41622, CV15-41622, CV15-41634, CV16-43509,
CV16-43510, CV16-43511, CV16-43512, CV16-43513, CV16-43514,
CV16-43515, CV16-43516, CV16-43517, CV16-43518, CV16-43519,
CV16-43520, CV16-43521, CV16-43522, CV16-43524, CV16-43525,
CV16-43526, CV16-43527, CV16-43528, CV16-43530, CV16-43531,
CV18-61533, CV18-61535, CV18-61543, CV18-61545, CV18-61547,
CV18-61553, CV18-61554, CV18-61555, CV18-61561, CV18-61562,
CV18-61563, CV18-61570, CV20-65538, CV20-65544, CV20-65546,
CV20-65551, CV20-65557, CV20-65561, CV20-65562, CV20-65563,
CV20-65564, CV20-65565, CV20-65566, CV20-65570, CV22-67527,
CV22-67529, CV22-67538, CV22-67544, CV22-67550, CV22-67551,
CV22-67552, CV22-67553, CV22-75518, CV22-75534, CV23-75543,
CV450-3012, CV460-26501, CV460-26503, CV460-26505, CV460-26506,
CV460-26507, CV460-26508, CV460-26509, CV460-26512, CV460-26514,
CV460-26516, CV460-26516, CV460-26517, CV460-26518, CV460-26519,
CV460-26520, CV460-26521, CV460-26521, CV460-26522, CV460-3010,
CV460-3011, CV461-26504, CV490-27503, CV490-27504, CV490-27505,
CV490-27507, CV490-27508, CV490-27510, CV490-27511, CV490-27514,
CV490-27515, CV490-27532, CV490-27541, CV491-27501, CV491-27502,
CV491-27509, CV492-27506, CV492-27516, CV492-27517, CV492-27518,
CV492-27525, CV492-27531, CV492-27534, CV492-27535, CV492-27536,
CV492-27539, CV492-27544, CV493-27522, CV493-27523, CV493-27533,
CV493-27538, CV493-27540, CV493-27546, CV675-75532, CV675-75549,
CV12.5-1291, CV15-41527, CV15-41548, CV15-41549, CV15-41538,
CV15-41556, CV13-21532, CV15-41594, CV15-41606, CV15-41610,
CV460-26510, CV460-26513

Kohler Brushes
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Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes
   12 221 02-S
Copper M,
    brush kit, CH11-16102, CH11-16103, CH11-16105, CH11-16119,
CH11-16121, CH11-16122, CH11-16124, CH11-16126, CH11-16127,
CH11-16128, CH11-16132, CH11-16133, CH11-16134, CH11-16135,
CH11-16136, CH11-16137, CH11-16139, CH11-16140, CH11-16141,
CH11-16142, CH11-16143, CH11-16145, CH11-16147, CH11-1626,
CH11-1627, CH11-1629, CH12.5-1917, CH12.5-1928, CH12.5-1929,
CH12.5-1931, CH12.5-1932, CH12.5-1936, CH12.5-1937, CH12.5-1938,
CH12.5-1939, CH12.5-1940, CH12.5-1941, CH12.5-1942, CH13-22502,
CH13-22503, CH13-22505, CH13-22511, CH13-22512, CH13-22514,
CH13-22517, CH13-22522, CH13-22523, CH13-22524, CH13-22526,
CH13-22528, CH13-22529, CH13-22533, CH13-22536, CH13-22537,
CH13-22539, CH13-22540, CH13-22541, CH13-22544, CH13-22545,
CH14-1827, CH14-1828, CH14-1831, CH14-1835, CH14-1836, CH14-1840,
CH14-1841, CH14-1842, CH15-44502, CH15-44503, CH15-44505,
CH15-44509, CH15-44511, CH15-44514, CH15-44515, CH15-44516,
CH15-44517, CH15-44518, CH15-44519, CH15-44525, CH15-44527,
CH15-44528, CH15-44529, CH15-44530, CH15-44531, CH15-44534,
CH15-44536, CH15-44537, CH15-44538, CH15-44539, CH15-44540,
CH15-44541, CH15-44542, CH15-44543, CH15-44544, CH15-44547,
CH15-44548, CH15-44551, CH15-44552, CH15-44555, CH15-44557,
CH410-0003, CH410-0012, CH430-0003, CH430-0004, CH430-0011,
CH430-0012, CH430-0013, CH430-0015, CH430-0017, CH430-0019,
CH430-0021, CH430-0022, CH430-0023, CH430-0024, CH430-0027,
CH430-0028, CH430-3003, CH450-0011, CH450-0012, CV14-1490,
CV14-1491, CV15-41553, CV15-41561, CV15-41580, CV15-41584,
CV15-41585, CV15-41620, CV15-41625, CV15-41627, CV15-41630,
SV470-0001, SV470-0002, SV470-0003, SV470-0004, SV470-0005,
SV470-0006, SV470-0007, SV470-0008, SV470-0009, SV470-0010,
SV470-0011, SV470-0015, SV470-0103, SV470-0104, SV470-0105,
SV470-0108, SV470-0111, SV470-0115, SV470-0116, SV470-0117,
SV470-0119, SV470-0120, SV470-0121, SV470-0122, SV470-0123,
SV470-0200, SV470-0212, SV470-0213, SV470-0214, SV470-0215,
SV470S, SV470-0216, SV470-0217, SV470-0218, SV480-0001,
SV480-0002, SV480-0003, SV480-0005, SV480-0015, SV480-0102,
SV480-0103, SV480-0105, SV480-0115, SV480-0116, SV480-0118,
SV480-0119, SV480-0200, SV480S, SV480-0211, SV480-0213,
SV530-0001, SV530-0002, SV530-0003, SV530-0004, SV530-0005,
SV530-0006, SV530-0007, SV530-0008, SV530-0009, SV530-0011,
SV530-0012, SV530-0013, SV530-0014, SV530-0015, SV530-0016,
SV530-0018, SV530-0019, SV530-0020, SV530-0021, SV530-0022,
SV530-0023, SV530-0024, SV530-0025, SV530-0026, SV530-0027,
SV530-0029, SV530-0030, SV530-0031, SV530-0032, SV530-0033,
SV530-0034, SV530-0200, SV530-0212, SV530-0213, SV530-0214,
SV530-0215, SV530-0217, SV530-0218, SV530-0219, SV530-0221,
SV530-0222, SV540-0001, SV540-0002, SV540-0003, SV540-0004,
SV540-0005, SV540-0006, SV540-0007, SV540-0008, SV540-0009,
SV540-0010, SV540-0011, SV540-0012, SV540-0013, SV540-0014,
SV540-0015, SV540-0016, SV540-0017, SV540-0018, SV540-0019,
SV540-0020, SV600-0217, SV540-0021, SV540-0022, SV540-0023,
SV540-0024, SV540-0025, SV540-0026, SV540-0027, SV540-0028,
SV540-0029, SV540-0031, SV540-0200

Kohler Brushes
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Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes
   25 221 01-S
$               brush holder kit
   48 755 22
$               brush kit, K582-36300
   52 089 09-S
Compression spring drawing
Spring D:
  0.850" Metal     MV18-58532, MV18-58555, MV16-56514
   52 221 01-S
Figure 91 Drawing & Compression spring drawing
set of 4

Spring D:
0.312" Brush:

Copper M 0.812" Special
M18-24598, M20-49585, M20-49586, MV18-58532,
MV18-58555, M18-24631, M18-24650, M18-24662, M18-24668,
M18-24670, M18-24682, M20-49581, M20-49582, M20-49607,
M20-49620, MV16-56514

Kohler Brushes
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Part Price
Thickness Width Length Material Lead Terminal Notes
   52 323 03-S
            plastic brush holder, M20-49620, M20-49582, M20-49585, M18-24682,
M20-49581, M18-24668, M18-24670, M18-24650, M18-24662,
MV18-58555, M20-49586, M20-49607, M18-24598, M18-24631,
MV16-56514, MV18-58532
   63 221 01-S
$               brush set
   63 323 02-S
$               brush holder assembly
   82 775 28-S
Figure Wedge3 Drawing Figure Wedge5 Drawing
Compression spring drawing

Spring D.:
0.417" Bruah:

Copper M Paired:
1.5" insulated &
2.5" insulated

O-0.200" M16-711502, M16-711503, M16-711505, M16-711510, M16-711518,
M16-711519, M16-711529, M16-711535, M16-711540, M16-711541,
M16-711544, M16-711545, M16-711549, M16-711552, M16-711554,
M16-711556, M16-711560, M16-711561, M16-711564, M16-711567,
M16-711571, M16-711574, M16-711583, M16-711586, M16-711588,
M16-711589, M16-711590, M16-711591, M16-711592, M16-711593,
M16-711595, M16-711514, M16-711521, M16-711523, M16-711525,
M16-711526, M16-711527, M16-711528, M16-711533, M16-711537,